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Investment Strategies and Process

Always mindful of the risks in the major and sub-asset classes, our portfolio strategies are constructed with the knowledge that every investment has its tradeoffs, we have long known not to get enamored with any idea that sounds too good to be true. Our job is to select the specific investments that together dial in the right amount of risk and desired return for a given client portfolio. SilverLake’s investment strategy implementation is often what sets us apart, and the right strategy is often the engine that drives client goals. We have a large universe of investments to select from: mutual funds, ETF’s, stocks, bonds, annuities, etc. Our analysis and selection process of specific investments is objective and unbiased as we seek what we term “intelligent diversification”. We blend different styles of money management such as value and momentum, apply discipline and believe that rebalancing portfolios is the best approach, granted a moderate one, to “buy low and sell high”. As an example, regarding the selection of investments, we use in-depth, rules based analysis, with a focus on the portfolio manager(s), their investment process and risk-adjusted performance. Picking an investment based on simple recent performance numbers is often a mistake many investors make. SilverLake Wealth Management, across all investment ideas, including individual stocks, bonds, annuities and mutual funds, applies the tools we have to properly analyze the merit of each investment. We want our clients to feel feel comfortable that a disciplined process is in place to gauge the appropriateness of any investment in their portfolio.

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